Linus Torvalds Outburst Sparks Fierce Debate: Does Open Source Software Need Specs?

Specs are useful when written by authoritative people and with specific goals. You need specs to solve issues like interoperability, defining metrics so that all stakeholders are aligned on what was built (or what is going to be built, as is often the case).

When specs are aimed at some political agenda, then Linus’ point is relevant. I guess in this industry, specs have often being driven by political agendas rather than solving particular problems.

More on this topic: Linus Torvalds Outburst Sparks Fierce Debate: Does Open Source Software Need Specs?

MIT Media Lab: $100 Laptop

The idea of a $100 Laptop from MIT Media Lab is fantastic. I fear it won’t really be useful in the end, unless there is a companion initiative teaching people to get the most out of technology.

I’m watching this space.

Impressive AJAX application demo, Web OS is really close

AJAX is the hype of the moment, though the core concepts have been around for years. Come to think of it, what is really happening is that peope are warming up to the ideas. We are starting to see some nice applications popping up. Zimbra is a case in point, it looks neat.

The idea of a Google OS suddenly start to make sense to me. Here is my fantasy web OS terminal:

  • It’s architectured around an iPod-like device running Linux
  • It has built-in wireless capability
  • On-chip Firefox browser
  • Touch-screen interface, powered by Google Suggest
  • I can podcast using the built-in microphone
  • The built-in camera is handy in so many ways

Exciting times indeed, also unnerving for many an outfit.

Queen’s Day 2005 in Amsterdam

I only had my camera-phone with me and took some snapshots. The image quality is not great, but you get an idea anyway.

Canal boats "on fire" 1

Canal boats "on fire" 2

Canal Jam, who cares

So many people on the streets!

Free concert on muzeumplein, the ambiance is that of festival days. So busy you won’t know where to stand.
Concert in Muzeumplein

It's like a festival down there

Throw some eggs at this man for a euro, it’s fun.
Throw some eggs

DIY at my appartment

After weeks looking for very simple but practical bathroom furniture, i came to realise i have to custom-build something. I thought that would be really easy, simply draw a diagram, measure the room available and order precut wooden panels and screws accordingly, the rest would be like assembling an IKEA product. It turns out you need a proper equipment and a workshop, to avoid a backbreaking exercise. To start with, i don’t have enough space to do this kind of stuff – my appartment is too small to keep bulky stuff around.

I never thought it would be so tiring having to drill holes all over MDF panels. Also the stuff is quite heavy to carry up the narrow staircases we have over here. I am not done yet but you can see how i went about it and how far i got: left-to-right, top-to-bottom, in the picture below. DIY at my appartment