DIY at my appartment

After weeks looking for very simple but practical bathroom furniture, i came to realise i have to custom-build something. I thought that would be really easy, simply draw a diagram, measure the room available and order precut wooden panels and screws accordingly, the rest would be like assembling an IKEA product. It turns out you need a proper equipment and a workshop, to avoid a backbreaking exercise. To start with, i don’t have enough space to do this kind of stuff – my appartment is too small to keep bulky stuff around.

I never thought it would be so tiring having to drill holes all over MDF panels. Also the stuff is quite heavy to carry up the narrow staircases we have over here. I am not done yet but you can see how i went about it and how far i got: left-to-right, top-to-bottom, in the picture below. DIY at my appartment

Amsterdam snowed under recently

Lately we’ve seen a lot of snow here in Amsterdam. I took a picture of the park nearby my place, some of them were nice. Snow covered public park

Check out these cars parked in the street. Amsterdam street under snow.

Now the thing is that snow tyres are not required in this country, which meant driving was utter chaos. At some point even trams and trains were not running anymore!

Hello world!

Blogging is a convenient way for me to centralise the bits and bobs i am interested in.

To start with, today i came across this site: Linux Drivers. It leads to Linux driver download sites, something you get to appreciate if you have ever tried to make a scanner or a wireless device work on Linux. 🙂