iOS tip, iPhone and iPad: double tap the navigation bar to quickly jump to the top

on iOS, iPhone and iPad, if you browse back and forth through a long list of items, sometimes you want to jump straight back to the top. We are used to this with web sites, but not necessarily when using native apps. I discovered this tip by just trying around, could be

I somehow randomly discovered this trick a long time ago, could be a few years, and I’ve just come to rely on it all the time. I wondered if many people knew about it, hence this post.

If you’re browsing a list, typically Safari web browser, Twitter timeline, Facebook, anything that has a scrollable list, you can jump straight back to the top with a gentle double tap somewhere on the navigation bar. I use it so often that I don’t even know when I first started. It could be a time saver for those who browse back and forth through a long list of items.

Caveat: if the app you are using has buttons on the navigation bar, you want to avoid tapping those. But I found that any free space on that navigation bar will work the same way.

An iOS UI overhaul beckons

It looks to me that Apple ought to revamp the iOS Safari popup menus, especially the sharing and bookmarking menu. The current implementation can’t scale any further yet there’s a need to add more sharing options in there. This post is my guess.

I was looking at the sharing-bookmarking menu of Safari on my iPhone, clearly Facebook is going to be in here at some stage, perhaps one other. But the problem is that there is no room left. So, either Apple won’t expand the feature, which I doubt, or they’d have to redesign it, which I’m inclined to think. My guess would then be, away with the drop down menu concept, a new slider (up/down, left/right) would be much nicer and scale better. Would that be too radical?