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Possibly a turning point for the Android platform

Here is a kind of move that I’ve been expecting to happen for some time: Google CEO Larry Page explains reasoning behind Motorola acquisition (spoiler: patents). If Android momentum were to be (at least partially) helped by its positioning, uniting some of the players that might have been losing out to the iPhone, then one of those parties would want to wriggle themselves out of such status quo some day. That’s a thought in my mind since the introduction of the Android platform.

This move by Google may be adding to what I see as (an understandable) confusion building up around the Android platform. If Android fragmentation should accelerate, then Microsoft’s Windows Phone is set to score some points.

UPDATE: After reading tech news about this topic, I think this article from AllThingsD is well worth checking out (be sure to also read Kara Swisher’s post, linked in the same article): Google’s Motorolla buy has Wall Street selling.