Somebody is wrong on the Internet

I saw an article, I thought its title could be slightly different. The illustrated picture speaks much better to me.

The floodgates on Generative AI are now open, due to the hype you’d be forgiven to think that that is all there is to AI. It’s going to be relentless, some of it will be reckless, some amazingly useful use cases will emerge, some will be putting lipstick on a pig at great cost. Which is which, is anyone’s guess. It’s just the human condition, we can’t escape it.

AI fueling many kinds of growth

With the hype hitting fever pitch, new job titles are created, CVs are getting updated with buzzword compliance, business models are being hastily revisited, sales pitches get rewritten, tech conferences and education programs are coming fast and steady, what’s not to like. Mistakes will be made however, loads of it. There probably are already mounting cases of bias complaints, misleading services being sold, cheating allegations, you name it. Company risk managers are on overdrive, they thought they had too much on their plate already, little did they know. Lawyers and regulators may be busy brushing up their AI knowledge, cases are heading their way faster than they might be anticipating, faster than they can cope, much too complex for any precedents and rule books would have catered for.

Where have the futurists been?

Why is it that generative AI created such a sudden hype, where did that come from? Where were the pundits and futurists while all of this has been brewing? To the credit of the article author I’ve paraphrased, they suggest 2035, which isn’t that far to be honest. However, I would argue that the wrestling may be happening right now, already. It may be too late to anticipate, it might be time to work on mitigations and damage limitation. Any damage might be swift and much too broad to contain. Companies dismissing such risks should recall the early days of Covid-19, when eerie video clips out of Wuhan in China seemed too remote for the rest of the world to be concerned about.

Technology is evolving in fascinating ways every day now. Our ability to predict what will happen isn’t getting any better though. Some of the predictions of even 20 0r 50 years ago might look amusing to us now. All sorts of things have been said about AI, we’re nowhere near many of the past predictions, I’m not sure we’re accurately depicting what’s already the reality at this moment in time. All the more exciting to be watching the space, partaking some of the experiments and enjoy the ride.

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