Scalability is basic hygiene for Internet Services, trade it off at your own risk

Scaling can mean a lot of things, the way companies address it and make trade-off decisions have a large impact on the user experience. I am tempted to believe that Apple may be making many software trade-off decisions by sacrificing scalability, and that is a bad idea for Internet services. Apple talks a lot about creating the best possible user experience, and it is believable judging by their success: haven’t they been at the forefront if IT consumerisation? However, many of their Internet based services just don’t seem to scale up to good user experience. With Apple’s clout and the abundant supply of talent for a company like that, I don’t understand why they’re still not plugging gaps in these Internet services. That was the reasoning behind my tweet around mid-October, where I speculated that an acqui-hire was in order for Apple.