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Cappuccino is for Objective-C developers what GWT is for Java developers

Cappuccino looks to be a promising framework for those with years of Objective-C experience looking to leverage that skill to build attractive web sites without learning all the intricacies of CSS and JavaScript

Every once in a while I come across a framework and wonder who on earth would want to learn this? Then time passes by and I would cross it again while exploring something else, then my curiosity is aroused a tad more. That’s how I’ve bumped into Cappuccino for the third time in perhaps an 18 months timespan. So this time I thought I’d look under the bonnet to see what it’s got to offer that I may learn something from.

My time budget was about 1 hr, which was enough to get the code, set it up and take it for a spin. Several times I thought I was reading Objective-C and nearly stopped, then I would carry on a little further.

This was a nice surprise, a topic for another blog posting in the coming weeks.

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