Much ado about a simple checkbox

I read some flames about how the scrolling change in OSX Lion was terrible. Then I checked it this morning and had to sigh:

OSX Lion System Preferences scrolling checkbox
Uncheck to use the get the old way of scrolling

Those who like the new way, I am one, will simply leave this checkbox alone. Those who prefer the old way, absolutely fine, just uncheck this option. I’m not sure I understand the fuss, unless those articles would have been based on some pre-release code. In the latter case, if I were writing such review, I’d be sure to get the latest code and review my review. 😉

Another point, keeping in place the old way of scrolling would have been inconsistent with the touch experience. That should be a no-brainer to see.

Actually, I am wondering why the scrolling was ever made to work the way it used to, that was the wrong decision, this one change should be welcome.

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