Will Windows 8 eventually drop the acid colours from Metro?

It is interesting to watch what i would call Microsoft’s renaissance – in the French language interpretation of it. It is not yet clear if the markets (consumers!) are wholeheartedly responding. But the telling signs are multiple in my opinion, the first sign for me is a combination of the following:

  • when I saw the first preview of Windows Phone 7
  • the developer tools group’s genuine embrace of open source
  • the work they are doing with the programming languages, think F#, what their language designers say these days
  • the very impressive Azure product line
  • and the first develop preview of Windows 8

I like the general user experience of Metro Style UI. The one thing I haven’t warmed up to yet is the acid colours, those colours are “too loud” to my taste. That would be my single criticism for now. I hope there would be a way to tone that down when it eventually ships.

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