Mountain Lion, a better file handling in the App. Spotlight has room to improve though.

OS X Lion introduced a radical change in the way files were handled in Applications. The experience wasn’t quite right for a proficient user, ¬†definitely missed the “save as” option. With Mountain Lion they’ve fixed that issue. I like the change they’ve now introduced.

New file management in OS X Mountain Lion
New file management in OS X Mountain Lion

Now, I think a similar improvement in Spotlight search result would be really cool for a more advanced user. Every time I search for files in Spotlight, I wish I could do some of these things:

  • open a Terminal window where the file or folder is
  • see some information about the file, without actually opening it
  • or just open a Finder window on the file location

Those would make my experience much better, and I think many people, especially technical people, would enjoy that too.

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