Octopress, a nice blogging platform for semi-static content publishing for geeks

I am calling semic-static, content that becomes static once it is published to a web site. Such content supports categories, permalinks and other modern blogging capabilities, but it rarely (if ever) changes after publishing. So there is really no good reason to have an entire database engine powering a semi-static web site area. Aside from some metering, a lot of technical blog sites provide semi-static content, revisions don’t even need to be preserved since the latest edit is always good enough for the purpose. Wiki software function this way, my only issue is that wikis need modernising and many of them frankly look ugly.

I’ve already been using WordPress to power my blog for some years now, but it runs on MySQL. As I looked a little further I came across Octopress. Lots of sites probably publish semi-static content, but Octopress is really for developers as advertised. If you are looking for a command line interface to maintain your blog then it has plenty to like.

Octopress web site is well documented, I won’t reproduce that here. I think this type of software will get increasing exposure because they fill a niche that people may be slowly waking up to. As usual, it starts with a few alpha geeks then increasingly make it to the general public as the tools get better.

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