With Windows 8, Microsoft is staging the biggest startup pivot in history

What Microsoft is doing with Windows 8 is effectively a pivot, just like a 12 month old startup would define it. I’ve not read of it being described that way yet, but that’s all I can think of. Microsoft couldn’t be called a Startup or Lean, but I’m curious how they internally think about themselves nowadays in light of the sweeping changes they’re introducing.

Right from the start Apple had gone for intimacy, premium products whilst Microsoft had chosen for cost effectiveness and mass scale. It seems that Apple is continuing on their path, and that Microsoft is now changing strategy. Good analysis abound, I won’t dig any further than this.

If you like this subject, search “startup pivot” and read up the various definitions given of it, it is fascinating to think of Microsoft in the current context.

This is a tremendous learning opportunity, I am excited to see how it all goes.

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