Thank you for 2012

I have a few words of thank you for you, the visitor of this blog, because you are also motivating me to write what little content I am able to offer so far. I learned that you came from 90 countries around the world, that is huge for such a basic site that really could do with more care if I could afford it. A large number of you were interested in the posts about upgrading an ageing Macbook Pro, that was a surprise for me, I hope you found what you were looking for. I would like to add a couple observations that might not be obvious to you but may help you understand this blog a bit better:

  • When I started this blog  I knew I wouldn’t have much time to make it rich and keep it lively, for that reason I kept it low profile as I also didn’t expect any large following. So far so good, though I get more visitors than I thought would be the case.
  • This blog is really one of two media I use as a place to capture snippets of thoughts, the other is Twitter. It’s not a true diary, it’s more like a scratchpad that I keep in an open space.
  • Very early on I was swamped by spams. In order to stem the flow of spam, given the low resource commitment, the easiest method I found was to require that people register before they can submit comments. I actually deactivated comments for a while but put it back on. Besides this I have no interest in collecting contacts on this blog, you also see no advertisement for the same reason. So when I come across a simpler solution that require little to no work I will implement it and get rid of the registration box.

I hope this helps a bit. I wish you a fantastic year 2013. I will make it more interesting in the new year, stay tuned.

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