Any shared links via Prismatic URL shortener will be broken after 20 December: Prismatic is shutting down

I saw this article over the week-end. I’ve used the service a lot without really noticing it. Via the attached post, they announce that the site is to close down, taking down the mobile apps in the process. It’s sad to see them go. The reasons invoked are familiar enough, that’s how it goes. I was never clear what their business model was. I wonder if Flipboard might be next. We’ll see.

One small detail I noticed, which will likely bite many people, when Prismatic goes down then articles shared via links generated by Prismatic apps and web sites will likely be broken too. The culprit is, url shorterner. I’ve quickly converted the ones that I’d saved in my notebook, but I’m sure I’ve missed some. It’s not easy to find all of them. This is one of the problems with url shorteners, they are not proper permalinks.

Source: Writing the next chapter for Prismatic.

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