Monkey journey to the west

Damon and Jamie strike again, this time it’s er… an opera! Now obviously I’m a fan of Damon’s work, I must have said at least once that he was a genius. The other night I saw a programme on the beeb documenting the making ofMonkey journey to the west”, though i was tired and it was late I stayed glued to my sofa watching it till the end. Stunning! This is a perfect example of co-creation, two very good artists on a journey to the unknown risking it all. The title is actually a mirror image of what could be described as Gorrillaz’s journey to the east. How fitting, was this intentional?

Everytime Damon produces I can’t help going back to the non-sense that was the media pitching Blur against Oasis. Surely few would argue today: Damon’s always been in a league of his own, Blur certainly played a huge part in shaping this man’s artistic development.

The show apparently opened Manchester international festival and is going to Paris later on. I don’t know if it’ll be a success, but I frankly don’t care about that so long as I can catch it at some stage. But something tells me it will be a success anyway, the sheer creativity and strive to perfection is palpable and that’s what people will go looking for.

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