It’s a miracle, a teenager cracked it!

Yes! Yes! A teenager cracked the iPhone and set it free from AT&T, if you like the “god phone” is now available to earthlings and ‘believers’ from outside of America! What a miracle! If this was done by an adult then the title could have been something like “a naughty 30-something committed the ultimate sin”.

The press bore me to tears sometimes, they never relent with pompous headlines “a teenager managed to do…blah blah..” Apparently teenagers are bumpkins, not supposed to be skillful or focused. Never mind that teenagers are biologically similar to any grown up (ahem, they eventually become grown ups) Never mind the tons of free information available at the fingertips (or shall we say at “mouse clicks”?) for anyone looking. Allo! Allo! This is planet earth calling, teenagers are just young people, a little more grown up than small people. Teenagers are no less intelligent than grown ups, are they? all the years don’t make up for useful experience without proper focus, dedication and even awareness.

If a teenager achieve something it’s a sign that he/she has been focused, when they put their mind to something god knows they can achieve. Anyone noticed how easy young people pick up foreign languages when their grown up parents lamentably fail? Why is it that after all the millennia in seeing the same thing, a teenager achieving anything is headline news? Don’t we learn? It was your son, your daughter, your nephew, the same kid you’ve seen growing up while you were busy doing nothing (or drinking?).

Actually if people were clever enough they’d pay more attention to their teenage offsprings and relatives, we always talk about kids being the future yet we’re surprised if they do anything more than annoying us or getting into drugs. What’s that all about? I reckon that a teenager spending six months on anything can achieve a lot more than adults can, all other things being equal. If grown ups want to be real models or leaders, they’d do well not to slap little Johnny. Hey Johnny, the boy that did this is 2 years your junior, look at you…!

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