Zachman framework presented as an Ontology, finally a more fitting name!

It’ nice to see that John Zachman is now presenting his framework as an Ontology, this shows that the author didn’t want his work to be “sabotaged” by the misleading misreadings that folks through out daily about this and other Enterprise Architecture body of works.

There are lots of confusion around Enterprise Architecture, and that is an understatement. I’ve briefly participated in a discussion thread on LinkedIn about a quote of Zachman, I realised that I had to stop before I too would start getting confused.

I hope that this release finally settles the debates going on about what Zachman framework is, ought to be, and may be useful for or not. From the horses mouth, it’s an Ontology. And that’s exactly how I’ve always seen it to be, it’s not a cookbook like “How to make chicken tikka masala at home in 10 steps”. I’m not going to delve into defining what an ontology is or may be useful for, I don’t want to give a cheap recipe that someone would run with and may cause “brain damage” to others.

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