Music download “me too”

Do you think Internet music download space is crowded? Nah, define crowded, how can the Internet ever be too crowded? Upgrade to IP v6 and off you go, trillions more sites can be put up.

Since was bought out I expect my neighbourhood radio to become more “streamlined” indeed. I learned about two new download sites today, and Where to start, I wish them both luck. But there’s definitely a limited amount of eyeballs and/or eardrums on offer! No? World and Internet population ever evolving? Blimey, how are we going to keep a lid on all this? Oh I just got it, don’t bother with the lid, just let the Darwinian model unfold and we shall see…

Bad jokes aside, it takes courage (money?) and a fair amount of optimism (and money?) to enter any Internet space today. Just as you think you’re becoming successful some total strangers will pop up from nowhere and claim a piece of the action/pie. Adding insult to injury, some of these impertinents can get published with just a few dollars in their pockets! You might even have created that whole concept in the first place, how unfair! Bring up patents and IP protection. But wait, it’ll be tough to patent concepts like breathing and eating and possibly a few other amazing human achievements and discoveries. Well i guess i can’t shrug off the cynic in me at the moment. Next time lucky maybe…

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