Sophisticated algorithm, the web is first and foremost about advertising

The vast majority of web sites out there actually have very little intelligence, only a tiny few can boast to be clever or advanced. I’m not going to risk any numbers here, it’s obviously just a conjecture based on my experience – humbly longer than the web itself, though. But had i not been too lazy I could find studies to back up my claim.

It seems that websites don’t really need to be clever though, the most basic profiling with a few personalised experience here and there make for impressive reviews and sometimes raves. It turns out that what matters most in the Internet is the amount of traffic a web site gets, the bigger the more valuable the site. I visit a lot of web sites but i only buy from a few, am I representative of the Internet users? That’s debatable.
The more you analyse this type of phenomenon, the more you realise how focused folks at Google have been. They just ‘got it’. Well done, I’m jealous now, i wish I was there first and made a few gazillion Euros. I’d have setup an incubation academy for malians and fellow africans. Day dreaming, what am I thinking?


If you build it they will come. Now then, you’ve built it and they came. So what…?

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