Silver bullets do exist, you just have to find yours. Wait…

UPDATE: I was just kidding, in case anyone didn’t notice. If you’re here for the first time then I’m trying to be cynical.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing that you see very clearly when looking back at some events. Most of the time you wish the hindsight were actually insights, i.e. you knew about something before you got to where you are as you reflect on things. This tends to be a problem, something that often tastes like a regret. Hindsight is one of the characteristics of Silver Bullets. Silver Bullets can be found everywhere if you looked carefully and with the right timing.

Where do you find Silver Bullets? How do you recognise any if you saw one?

I obviously won’t give away the precious answers just like that. Let me give a few general tips though. I’ll leave it up to you to do the rest of the work.

A silver bullet:

  • is a proven best practice, best in class solution that is particularly well suited to your very specific needs
  • gives your organisation a unique competitive advantage over the rest, despite being a proven best practice
  • is very cost-effective, it solves your business puzzles and challenges without creating new ones
  • makes all your stakeholder groups very happy while only requiring negligible compromises
  • powers the specific business model you have selected without any further consequences to you
  • helps decision makers’ career: nobody ever loses his/her job because of a silver bullet, on the contrary you get praises for your foresight and imaginative approach to solving business problems.

If you’ve been reading, this should be enough clues to get you started in finding the specific Silver Bullets that befits your organisation.

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